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Paper, beyond the sheet.

I’m really getting tired of hearing everyone bark about how print is dead. Print is the utilization of paper, paper occupies space, has depth, sounds crisp to the touch, smells, has so many tactile qualities. These characteristics of paper can’t be replicated through “interactive” (ironic term…) mediums. I especially enjoy the sculptural applications for paper. Hope you will find this compilation stimulating (although a flat computer screen doesn’t do much justice to three dimensional aspects).


Jen Stark


Zim and Zou


Grégoire Alexandre

Julien Vallee

Julien Vallée

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  1. Nice post. Great point!

    As a professional writer who enjoys blogging and reading blogs, I live in a home filled with books (on paper), magazines and newspapers. There is no way, for me, to replicate the experience of absorbing art, thought and design on paper in an electronic medium.

    It’s a false dichotomy to say print/online. We can have and enjoy the qualities of both…at least for now!

    December 6, 2010

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