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I Paid $$ – It’s now officially on.


After what seems like an eternity of planning, studying, researching, networking, etc…I am finally hunkering down to take the PMP Exam offered through PMI.  It’s been a long journey filled with discovery, self improvement, career enhancement and reality checks. I’ve chosen the appropriately fitting date of April 15 for my exam date, I figured this day will be filled with enough financial energy to propel me forward and enable me to obtain a passing score. I’ve dished out cash for study materials, paid the annual fee for PMI membership, plus paid for annual membership to Atlanta Chapter of PMI

I am dedicated at least one hour a day to study and one hour to a PMP related activity. Now it’s time to impose self discipline and rigorous study habits in order to meet the 4/15/13 deadline. I hope to post official results (i.e. passing score and PMP certificate) shortly after the deadline. Wish me luck!

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