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Hate to tell you this but…

weightwatchers_fail I am thoroughly entertained at the advertisements targeted at my demo; cleaning products, air fresheners, embarrassing issues, etc… Stumbled on this beauty of a banner the other day. The product, a weight loss program offered exclusively online (innovation at work here).  The goal, to get you to not order fried food while chugging down caloric infused cocktails. The visual, a Photoshop hack job featuring a light post, the word ‘Cafe’ and a gigantic woman standing next to a miniature menu board with an interesting 2D perspective. I mean, did the designer even try or is he/she so ashamed of the work produced they just do what the account service rep (or even worse, the client) tells them to do?

Damn folks smarten up a little. I suppose you can’t expect too much from a company that generates revenue by avoiding the simple equation for successful weight loss (diet+exercise). Put down the buffalo wing, step away from the bar, go for a walk with your dog instead.

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