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Inbound Marketing Certification

Nova Belote Project Manager Nova Belote Project Manager Nova Belote Project Manager

I just completed the Hubspot Inbound Marketing certification course and applied the knowledge during a work session to map sales workflow and correlating email marketing automation. One of the critical components of this program was a service level agreement (SLA), outlining marketing deliverables and sales person action items throughout the customer journey.  Documenting a formal process at the onset of the campaign ensured accountability, monitoring checkpoints, and the opportunity to optimize the campaign as new insights were uncovered.

Another key item uncovered was the lack of closed-looped reporting from sales to understand the successes and failures of capturing leads and converting prospects. Without knowing where the customer was in the decision making process, it was impossible to generate content to address specific needs. Receiving direct feedback from sales and prospects allowed for better targeting and delivering relevant information at the right time.

Hubspot Academy is a great resource for anyone who is interested in continuing education and career advancement. They have a wide selection of courses suitable for all learning levels and relevant industries.    

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