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Consumption Swaps

Saving the world is a daunting task. Initial reactions like we’re too far gone, I’m only one person, it’s too late, I don’t have time, etc. are perceptual distortions that can easily be realigned by disassembling large problems into smaller, manageable, achievable structures. Here are a few behavioral modifications that can help with sustainability efforts geared towards saving the world from ourselves.

Pull Trash from the Ocean Subscription
Participate in 4ocean Pound+ subscription and help remove trash from the ocean. Starting from the end of life product cycle (pun intended), save the ocean and its inhabitants while you sleep, requires zero effort. Take advantage of the 4ocean Pound+ Memorial Day Sale offering 50% off subscription services. Purchasing trash removal will make you feel better than consuming mattresses and furniture on Memorial Day. Each donation comes with a certificate of ocean plastic recovery.

Zero-Waste Swaps
The first step is acknowledging your consumption habits, observing and mentally documenting the number of products encompassing your daily life. Start with your morning coffee, personal hygiene products, food consumption and assess ways to substitute with package free alternatives. Do not buy a bunch of package free products at once, you’re only perpetuating your consumption habit. Instead, slowly start replacing items as they are depleted. The ZeroWasteStore and Package Free Shop are two reputable companies focused on reshaping the consumer product landscape.

Household Recycling
The biggest impact you can make is by reducing, reusing and recycling everyday items. The TerraCycle zero-waste box manages your food packaging waste – things like wrappers, soy milk boxes, bread, cereal, pasta bags – many of these items are considered unrecyclable (like k-cups if you’re still using those). How it works:

The zero-waste box program is not designed to support the habit of consumption (China>Amazon>Click), it is for those who are looking to transition to zero-waste and slowly eliminate household garbage. Since you are essentially paying for your trash, it creates awareness for the amount of garbage you are generating and will help you seek out alternate forms of packaging like glass instead of plastic (think peanut butter jars).

Starting small and adjusting habits over a period of time will make you feel good about your purchasing decisions and keep you conscious about your environmental footprint.

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