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Hate to tell you this but…

weightwatchers_fail I am thoroughly entertained at the advertisements targeted at my demo; cleaning products, air fresheners, embarrassing issues, etc… Stumbled on this beauty of a banner the other day. The product, a weight loss program offered exclusively online (innovation at work here).  The goal, to get you to not order fried food while chugging down caloric infused cocktails. The visual, a Photoshop hack job featuring a light post, the word ‘Cafe’ and a gigantic woman standing next to a miniature menu board with an interesting 2D perspective. I mean, did the designer even try or is he/she so ashamed of the work produced they just do what the account service rep (or even worse, the client) tells them to do?

Damn folks smarten up a little. I suppose you can’t expect too much from a company that generates revenue by avoiding the simple equation for successful weight loss (diet+exercise). Put down the buffalo wing, step away from the bar, go for a walk with your dog instead.

Website Content Creation


Client: United States Marine Corps (USMC)
Project: Life as a Marine Microsite
Role: Sr. Project Manager
Overview: Create a detailed page that outlines the various service options and requirements needed for USMC enlistment. My role as project manager involved coordinating a team of representatives from each of the following departments to seamlessly create content, code page, test and launch. Project was successfully completed within the allotted project constraints.
Disciplines: Account executive, art director, broadcast producer, content strategist, copywriter, creative director, digital producer.

Trade Show Booths

A sampling of booths I have produced for various clients.  I oversaw all aspects of each project including but not limited to:

  • Initial client consultation
  • Design concepting
  • Vendor bidding/procurement
  • Prepress/asset transmission
  • Proofing, printing, shipping
  • Trade show logistics including build out, A/V configuration, tear down and more

I Paid $$ – It’s now officially on.


After what seems like an eternity of planning, studying, researching, networking, etc…I am finally hunkering down to take the PMP Exam offered through PMI.  It’s been a long journey filled with discovery, self improvement, career enhancement and reality checks. I’ve chosen the appropriately fitting date of April 15 for my exam date, I figured this day will be filled with enough financial energy to propel me forward and enable me to obtain a passing score. I’ve dished out cash for study materials, paid the annual fee for PMI membership, plus paid for annual membership to Atlanta Chapter of PMI

I am dedicated at least one hour a day to study and one hour to a PMP related activity. Now it’s time to impose self discipline and rigorous study habits in order to meet the 4/15/13 deadline. I hope to post official results (i.e. passing score and PMP certificate) shortly after the deadline. Wish me luck!

Is this a sign?

Came across this banner ad while looking up the ingredients in my prescription cough syrup (made me absolutely craaazzzy btw). If drawing on your face with marker is a sign of ADHD in children then ALL kiddies between the ages of 18mo – 3yrs old must have behavioral disorders. It is only natural for children to draw on their faces, cut their hair, dismantle toys, etc… I think artist SIA does a better job at conveying the underlying meaning of facial markings and proves to me that it is perfectly acceptable for people of all ages to draw on their faces.


Vendor Showcase | CGI, Retouching

I’ve seen enough Photoshop disasters this week, need a break. Here’s some eye candy from a few top shops, love when things are done right…


James Porto


Saddington & Baynes


Lightfarm Studios


Taylor James

MBA, PMP and Business Sense

I was hoping to join a PMP study group but decided against it after conferencing in on the most unorganized and unprofessional call/email thread managed by a local chapter of PMP professionals. Case in point, this cringe-worthy email received by a sender who holds a MBA and PMP certification. Pink font and flowers, thank goodness comic sans font wasn’t thrown in for good measure. Save your design sense for the foyer in your house, where the appropriateness of silk flowers will be more welcoming.


evite Invitation

Digital ad campaign featuring custom invitations and interactive banner ads.

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Facebook Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes promoting a custom branded Cheerwine VW bus and surfboard giveaway.

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Degradation in Advertising

Um, wtf? I got hit back to back with these iPad ads for Gain Laundry detergent and let me just outline the many shades of wrong that’s happening here:

– Cleaning products marketing towards women, stop.

– Shitacular packaging featuring rainbow swirls, sparkles, flowers, ugh…

– Associating cleaning products + dating , um… Can’t wait to “Get hooked/matched up with my eligible/dream scent”. Eligible scent?

– The smell of this campaign reeks of desperation from both advertiser and consumer. Come on folks, must be smarter than your dirty laundry to figure it out.

Gain Ad 1 Gain ad 2