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Is this a sign??

Came across this banner ad while looking up the ingredients in my prescription cough syrup (made me absolutely craaazzzy btw). If drawing on your face with marker is a sign of ADHD in children then ALL kiddies between the ages of 18mo – 3yrs old must have behavioral disorders. It is only natural for children to draw on their faces, cut their hair, dismantle toys, etc… I think artist SIA does a better job at conveying the underlying meaning of facial markings and proves to me that it is perfectly acceptable for people of all ages to draw on their faces.


Vendor Showcase | CGI, Retouching

I’ve seen enough Photoshop disasters this week, need a break. Here’s some eye candy from a few top shops, love when things are done right…


James Porto


Saddington & Baynes


Lightfarm Studios


Taylor James

MBA, PMP and Business Sense

I was hoping to join a PMP study group but decided against it after conferencing in on the most unorganized and unprofessional call/email thread managed by a local chapter of PMP professionals. Case in point, this cringe-worthy email received by a sender who holds a MBA and PMP certification. Pink font and flowers, thank goodness comic sans font wasn’t thrown in for good measure. Save your design sense for the foyer in your house, where the appropriateness of silk flowers will be more welcoming.


evite Invitation

Client | Hpnotiq

Users can generate a custom Hpnotiq branded evite invitation for their party. Evite includes interactive banner ad allowing users to customize Hpnotiq cocktail recipes based on their moods.

Hpnotiq Evite Campaign

Facebook Sweepstakes

Client | Cheerwine

Campaign | Chillest Ride in the Universe Sweepstakes. Winner receives a tricked out custom vintage VW bus.

FB application designed to capture opt-in sweepstakes entry forms, winner choose at random.

Cheerwine_FB_Sweepstakes Cheerwine_Bus (actual bus)

Degradation in Advertising

Um, wtf? I got hit back to back with these iPad ads for Gain Laundry detergent and let me just outline the many shades of wrong that’s happening here:

– Cleaning products marketing towards women, stop.

– Shitacular packaging featuring rainbow swirls, sparkles, flowers, ugh…

– Associating cleaning products + dating , um… Can’t wait to “Get hooked/matched up with my eligible/dream scent”. Eligible scent?

– The smell of this campaign reeks of desperation from both advertiser and consumer. Come on folks, must be smarter than your dirty laundry to figure it out.

Gain Ad 1 Gain ad 2

How Much Petroleum Can We Exhaust?

Glad plastic garbage bags has teamed up with Amazon delivery services to offer you this convenient one click carbon footprint monstrosity. What a relief to know fossil fuel and plastics can be easily exhausted with one click.


Consumer Website

Client | Haven Homes

Haven Homes

Client | Mansfield Plumbing

Consumer Print
Photography: The Shadowlight Group

Client | Hpnotiq