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Vendor Showcase | CGI, Retouching

I’ve seen enough Photoshop disasters this week, need a break. Here’s some eye candy from a few top shops, love when things are done right…


James Porto


Saddington & Baynes


Lightfarm Studios


Taylor James

Microsoft Project 2010 Training | Certificate of Completion

I recently completed an online training course for Microsoft Project 2010, the course outline and video tutorials were informative and easy to follow. I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in brushing up on their MS Project knowledge and who wants to fully utilize program features/functionality  in order to accurately estimate and track projects.


JWT Atlanta New Office Space

I settled in to my new office space at 3630 Peachtree this week. The building is amazing and includes a ton of amenities (more on those later). Here is a sampling of pics from the first day, there’s still some A/V work needed and the lounge/bar is not set up (fail, just kidding…) I intend on posting additional pics as things progress. On a separate note, I’ve taken up German language courses via audio CD’s for the commute home, hopefully my lesson can be shortened to 30min, just need to find the right time/route home. Until then das traffik ist scheisse…

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Project Management, Figure it Out.

Realizing the duration of the planning phase for this project was probably 1+yr, but six days to execute?? This is a great example of how careful planning, laying a proper foundation (literally and figuratively) and seamless collaboration can yield amazing results. A great visual showing project progress.

Amazing Textile Artist

Yet another spectacular use of paper by Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave. The designs were created by painting and manipulating rag paper. So refreshing to see such innovative use of the medium.

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Microsoft Project Training Videos

Helpful site featuring basic Project overview/functionality.

Featured Vendors | Atlanta Retouching

The $39 Million Dollar Printer Error

The Federal Government recently printed One Billion (1,000,000,000) newly designed $100 Dollar Bills only to discover that one third (330,000,000) were subject to a paper/printer flaw in which the holographic features of the bill caused the paper to crease resulting in an area that had no ink coverage. Each bill costs .12¢/ea to print, according to my calculations the entire print run cost $120,000,000.00 with an error cost of $39,600,000.00.

How, after years of development, does an inexcusable error like this occur? I guess the Federal Government can afford to make these costly mistakes and pass the expense on to the US taxpayer? Can of worms, don’t want to go there.

A mistake of this magnitude is so astronomical it could erase dozens of senior-level careers in a single status call.

Image © Fast Company.

I won some art today!

As I mentioned before in my photographer showcase post, I receive many promo emails from photo reps and photographers and make it a point to open each. Today my inquisitiveness paid off. I won a framed print of this featured image from photographer Saverio Truglia

Contest Rules from Saverio’s email:
The 1st, 5th and 15th person to email me the artist name who recorded the subject line of this email (Rhythm is a Dancer), will receive a framed print of this image.

Naturally I responded with “Um, Snap of course. Duh. Best jam ever.”

Saverio responded with a winner notification message. I asked if he would sign the back of the frame, we’ll see. I can’t wait to receive the framed print, I’m already scoping hang spots in my house.

Improving Atlanta With Art

I read this article about a large format printer who worked with The Arts Council of Long Beach and the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency to transform a rundown building into a work of art. I immediately thought of the Medical Arts building here in Atlanta (shown on left) and if/how I could execute a similar project.

While doing some initial research on the building I found several building wrap ‘fails’, however, the wraps were ‘advertisements’ NOT works of art. These advertisements have been frowned upon because outdoor companies pay the building owners for the ad space creating no incentive for the owners to renovate. The building has (4) owners who purchased the property with the hopes of renovating it into a hotel. The project was abandoned (pun intended) after the downturn in the economy. With the effects of the recession still looming it could be years before renovation plans resume. Until then, why not make use of the space and create something great?

An alternate solution to wrapping the building would be to paint the exterior, using a transfer method to create a mural. Either way, I think the art concept would be palatable to organizations like the Atlanta Preservation Society or Central Atlanta Progress who could work in conjunction with local museums like the High Museum of Art and/or the Fulton County Arts Council to produce the large scale work of art. One art requirement/mandatory for the visuals would be NO LOGOS, only art. This selling point (or lack there of) could have great appeal to the decision makers. And the social/viral implications could be huge, especially for the City of Atlanta in general.

Somebody get me Kasim Reeds’ phone number, I need to make things happen.