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Process Flow Documentation

Frustrated with the archaic internal work flow processes inherent of the ad industry, I’ve set out to demo a few process flow diagramming software suites. I downloaded a few ‘free’ versions (you definitely get what you ‘don’t’ pay for…) as well as demo versions of products ranging from $79 – $499. Here’s my first stab at mapping out internal work flow, I plan on mapping out job process based on this mock up.

I’m not listing software manufacturer names but will say the top performing version ($$$) was also at the top of my Google keyword search. I intend on demoing for another 30 days with the hopes of integrating both process flow diagrams and Mind Maps into my current/future work flow.

I think the robust product features will enable better management for more complex projects and hopefully eliminate some of the old school habits (i.e. dozens of email threads on a single topic instead of clear, concise compilation/distribution of project information).

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